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June 18, 2024

Canvid: Beyond the Beta

Discover the latest updates as Canvid moves beyond beta. Learn about new features, performance improvements, and our future roadmap for this innovative Windows screen recorder.

We released Canvid just under a month ago, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We created Canvid because we noticed a gap in the market for Windows-based screen recorders that allow you to create stunning recordings right out of the box with minimal adjustments, while still providing the tools and freedom to personalize your videos.

Beta Success and Feedback

Our goal with the beta was to identify critical issues and gather as much feedback as possible to build a roadmap based on real user insights. During the beta, we focused heavily on stability and performance, addressing many important issues. Given the wide range of hardware and systems used on Windows, we had to pay close attention to performance. While we’ve made significant strides, there are still a few things on our list to further enhance editing and export speeds. These fixes were made possible thanks to everyone who tested the beta, so thank you!

What’s Next for Canvid?

So, what’s next? In the next week or so, Canvid will be ready to exit beta, which also means our beta savings of $40 will end (pre-purchase now!). Does this mean we’re done? Absolutely not! We have a long list of improvements and features planned. Many have asked about our roadmap and future features. While I don’t have a roadmap to share today, it’s something we’re working on and will soon be available on our website. The roadmap will include features we’ll be working on in the coming months. In the meantime, our known issues page lists high-priority issues and important features we intend to add soon.

Staying Informed

We also want to ensure clear communication about product updates and the app's direction. Along with the roadmap, we’ll provide patch notes so everyone can stay up-to-date on app changes.

Beta Patch Notes

Here’s a list of changes and improvements we made during the beta based on your feedback. In the future, we’ll have a dedicated place to post patch notes.

Improvements & Features

  • Quick Export: Added the ability to quickly export clips by right-clicking -> Export clip
  • Performance: Significant performance improvements when recording videos
  • File Names: Automatic sanitization of file names on export
  • User Preferences: Remember Light/Dark mode selection on app launch
  • Hotkeys: Added hotkeys for file menu actions such as save and open project
  • Resolution Options: More granular recording resolution if the encoder doesn’t support 4K
  • Log Export: Added the ability to export logs from the top-left menu -> Generate logs
  • UI Improvement: Small UI improvement where zoom block on hover is the same size when added


  • Memory Issues: Fixed an issue where exporting could fail due to being out of memory
  • Video Quality: Fixed an issue with broken video on 4K and super wide displays when using window capture
  • Mouse Coordinates: Fixed an issue where mouse coordinates could be wrong
  • File Size Estimates: Fixed an issue where export file size estimates were wildly inaccurate
  • Transcripts: Fixed an issue where searching for languages when generating transcripts wouldn’t show expected results
  • Invalid Characters: Fixed an issue where invalid characters could be used in the file name on export
  • Timeline UI: Fixed an issue where the timeline UI didn’t update when using apply to all on a zoom
  • Zoom Transition: Fixed an issue where zoom transition wasn’t smooth if zooms were too close together

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Get hold of us

If you want to reach out you can join our discord server. If you prefer email, you can use or contact us using our support chat.