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Known Issues & Missing Features for Open Beta

As we gear up to a full launch, we're ironing out any last minute kinks and issues. Find a list of known issues and missing features we're aiming to resolve by full launch!

Gareth Reynolds
Gareth Reynolds
June 6, 2024

Thanks for checking out the Canvid Open Beta! We wanted to provide you with an early look into what we’ve been working on and help give us feedback and your overall thoughts on the product. At this moment in time, the app isn’t perfect. It has some missing features and some known bugs.

This article outlines the issues that we're aware of, as well as the features that we’re missing. We’re hoping that by helping test the Canvid Beta, you’re able to report any bugs and problems you come across that aren’t listed in this article. This isn’t an exhaustive list of features that we’ll be adding but instead is a list of features we want in place for the full launch. This list is subject to change. It’s important to note that we’re pushing updates thick and fast so things may break without you even downloading an update so please keep that in mind.

Known Issues

  • Multiple zoom animations don't transition smoothly when placed immediately after each other
  • Audio can become out of sync during playback in the editor. This shouldn't happen on the exported video
  • Video exporting isn't as fast as we'd like it to be. Improvements to be made!
  • The ability to undo/redo isn't implemented for all actions
  • Export estimations in the export dialog can be wildly wrong
  • The preview flickers black when adjusting aspect ratio
  • Changing the app theme between light and dark isn't remembered
  • Capturing windows at super wide resolutions can cause visual issues (Window capture only)
  • Searching for languages in the trascription modal can be incorrect

Missing Features

  • Ability to change clip speed
  • Presets - Mass apply settings such as background, padding and more with presets
  • App Hotkeys (Quick access to Capture Window, Capture Screen etc.)
  • Option to show hotkeys being pressed during recording (i.e. Ctrl + C)
  • Motion Blur effect option on exports for zooms, follow and cursor animations
  • 4K Video Export (Currently disabled due to a bug)
  • Auto-zoom when using portrait aspect ratios
  • Background Music
  • Launch from tray icon

Additional Notes

Here's some extra context on some of the known issues we have:

Performance & Optimization

Performance optimization is an ongoing task. This includes but is not limited to UI smoothness , responsiveness and also export speeds. We have a relatively concrete list of steps we need to take to improve things across the board. We intend to implement most of these in the next short while.

Audio desync during playback

Our current implementation of audio isn’t our long term solution. What we currently have implemented has some known issues where over time during playback, the audio can go out of sync. This should NOT happen on the exported file. We intend to implement a more robust audio system when we’ve resolved higher priority items.

The issue above can be amplified when running Canvid on machines with slower or older hardware. Lowering the preview resolution or reducing the preview frame rate to 30 may help with this. This won’t affect your export.

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